A Canadian Real Estate Investing Company

Bliss Realty Inc. and its group of companies are the largest buyer of single family homes across Canada and also avid investors in multifamily and commercial properties. 

Finding opportunies.

Our team uses advanced methods to search high and low and identify opportunities before they arrive on mainstream marketplaces.

Fix and flip.

While we work with investors for most opportunities, some we’ll choose to fix and flip them ourselves.

Building communities.

We also strive to create high-quality rental units to renew and build communities. 

Who we are

Bliss Realty Inc. is an exciting and innovative real estate investment company operating across Canada with operations in Ontario, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver. As the thought leaders in the real estate investing space with explosive growth, we’re changing the way people sell their homes with exceptional service and innovative solutions and provide real estate investors with opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. 

What we do

At our core, we focus on helping people and making a difference. We strive to achieve this by providing an easy and stress-free way for people to sell real estate, keeping them in control every step of the way. Our process creates win-win situations for property owners and investors alike.