5 Tips for Selling Your Multi-Family Property in Greater Toronto Area

Unlike a private home, selling your multi-family property involves several people, depending on the number of units. Sellers must put a great deal of consideration into the transaction to ensure they aren’t crossing any legal lines regarding the laws, rules, and regulations of Greater Toronto Area by which multi-family property owners must abide. Failure to … Continued

5 Reasons to Sell Your House As-Is in Greater Toronto Area

Do you need to sell your house in Greater Toronto Area? For homes that need updates, remodeling, or total rehabbing, standard real estate sales listings are not necessarily the best option to sell for a fair price. Some homeowners are not financially or physically able to carry out the necessary work to compete on the … Continued

How Technology Has Changed the Way People Sell Real Estate in Greater Toronto Area

Technical advances continue to march forward at light speed, and technology plays a significant role in the  Greater Toronto Area real estate market. These changes have had a transformative effect on Greater Toronto Area real estate transactions and have transformed the relationship between professional investors and licensed real estate agents. A hybrid agent investor can … Continued