Do you have a property under contract and need help wholesaling it? Do you have a lead on  property but you’re not sure how to get it under contract? Are you looking to sell a real estate assignment and need some help along the way?

If you answered YES to any of these questions or are simply looking for a way to wholesale a property, leave your information here and we’ll be in touch ASAP! Or, give Cory a call at 289-200-1500 to chat now.


We have the largest investors list in the country and years of experience. We can help you analyze, get it under contract, send it out to our list, or whatever kind of assistance you require.

Please note:

  • The property should not be listed on the MLS.
  • The property should have the makings of a great deal.
  • The property should not have been sent out to another list. The people on our list expect exclusive deals.

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